Due to nationwide COVID travel restrictions for sports team, Chinese Taipei has had to bow out of participating in the 30th edition of Honkbalweek Haarlem. The current number two on the world rankings will be replaced by Curaçao, which will receive the opportunity to present itself on an international stage.

Honkbalweek Haarlem 2022, Europe’s largest international baseball tournament, will take place from July 8 – 15 at Pim Mulier Stadium in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Aside from Curaçao and hosts Team Kingdom of the Netherlands, the tournament field is completed with Team USA, Japan, Italy and Cuba.

Tournament director Léon Ravestein: “We are saddened by the news that loyal tournament participant Chinese Taipei will not be able to attend this year’s anniversary edition of Honkbalweek Haarlem. Chinese Taipei have always given us exciting, well-played baseball to watch and we hope to welcome them again in the future. We are happy to add Curaçao to our tournament line-up, as a great addition to our already strong field of participants.”

Stefaan Edskes, general director of Dutch baseball federation KNBSB: “Adding Curaçao to the tournament adds another Kingdom team to the line-up, which makes our connection with baseball even stronger. As a federation, this is what we envisioned during our mutual discussions while visiting Curaçao in February. It shows an understanding between KNBSB and the Curaçao baseball federation FEBEKO that both team Kingdom of the Netherlands and Curaçao are able to participate in the same tournament.”