Honkbalweek Haarlem 2018

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Hoe is het nu met... Marcel Joost

Let’s catch up with… Marcel Joost

With the Baseball Week coming up we look at “Let’s catch up with…”: a weekly article where we catch up with (old) baseball players, referees, volunteers and supporters and rake up some memories.

Marcel Joost: Rightfielder at Amsterdam Pirates, Haarlem Nicols, Kinheim and the Dutch Team.

The most beautiful memory of the Baseball Week:

“Well, that was a long time ago. Let’s see. Surely one of them is the Baseball Week of 1980. I hit four home runs in one day. One in the last at-bat against the Sullivans and three in the evening game against Mitsubishi. That was nice, haha. And as a right-fielder, I literally stood next to the party tent and between the innings, I was just chattering and jabbering with friends and fans. It was a real community. After the game, we’d move to the party tent all together. That’s not something you could nowadays.”

Favourite player and coach:

“I actually do not have those. Of course, there are players that I like, but I don’t do ‘idols’. I once played baseball because my father saw an ad in the newspaper in which RAP (the current Amsterdam Pirates) were looking for youth applicants. Seemed nice. I learned myself how to hit and went purely by intuition. I just did my own thing, even though the coach said something else. I didn’t just do something: I had an idea or two.

I love the interaction between the pitcher and the batsman. There’s a bit of logical thinking, knowing which ball you can expect and hit it the right moment at the right time. That’s it. “

Do you do anything in baseball:

“I have not been to a baseball field for years, but I still follow the MLB. You can not physically keep baseball alive all your life, so I’ve been fanatically playing golf for a while now. We have become Dutch champion with our team from the Houtrak. Give me a ball and a stick. Then the rest will be fine. “

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