Reserved Tickets

Baseball lovers who want to be sure of a seat behind the first base can put in a request via Be sure to mention how many passepartout tickets you wish to have and the name of the contact. From 1 June, the passe-partouts for the reserved tribune will be automatically allocated via the sales system.

Reserved passe-partout Tickets

Behind the 1st base, 140 seats are available for requests regarding a reserved passe-partout. Baseball fans who have been present at previous editions of the Baseball Week have been informed via e-mail and have indicated their preference for a place. Applications were handled in order of arrival.

Reserved day tickets

In addition to the reserved passe-partout, there are also reserved day tickets behind the 1st base, from 5 June. If you are not able to be present for a long time in the Pim Mulier Stadion, then perhaps the purchase of a ‘reserved day ticket’ is a solution. Behind the 1st base, a part is reserved for day tickets. Adults pay € 31.50 each for a day pass.